ThM, ThD and combined Master’s and Doctorate

What is the Spiritual and Energetic Practices (SEP) Program

Welcome to Spiritual and Energetic Practices (SEP) program where the Holos curriculum helps the student create their own or enhance their existing Holistic Health Practice. This program is designed for those seeking to enhance credibility within the medical &/or scientific community, peers and the public.

In the SEP program you should experience a wide range of energetic tools, modalities and techniques to create or expand your existing skill sets and gifts.  It develops or enhances the student’s understanding of holistic applications and techniques through graduate level study.  SEP prepares the student to perform and educate others in spiritual and energetic modalities while integrating physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels of existence of the self.  It also mentors the student for leadership in the Holistic Health and Spirituality fields, both nationally and internationally.

Holos utilizes distance learning which is accomplished by working with instructors using email, conference calls and webinars.  There are a few courses that require attendance at a 1 to 3-day residency.  Residency locations and dates are posted on the HU Official Calendar. Students should familiarize themselves with their individual state’s or the state they intend to practice laws and guidelines for Complementary and Alternative Medical practice are met before launching into this course of study.

Some of the Courses that are Part of Spiritual and Energetic Practices (SEP)

703 Orientation and Preparation
715 Ethics: Theory and Practice
718 Literature Review
727 History of Science
737 Quantitative Research Methods
738 Models of Pastoral Counseling

742 Holistic Healthcare Approaches
751 Holistic Approaches to Trauma
754 Western Anatomy
755 Holistic Theology and World Religion
767 Statistical Methods in Research
808 Statistical Thesis Preparation (2)

Education Paths


34 total hours
18 hours of Core Classes
9 hours of Electives
7 hours of Thesis


65 total hours (includes Master's Degree)
42 hours of Core Classes
10 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation


80 total hours (includes Master's Degree)
33 hours of Core Classes
15 hours of Practicums
19 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation

Different options are available, so please schedule a call with one of our Education Advisers.