Holos University Graduate Seminary (HUGS) offers a Post-Doctoral Theological degree (ThD) to those individuals who have already graduated with a doctorate from an acceptable university. This degree plan offers an opportunity to those individuals who would like to enrich their previous studies. The HUGS Academic Review and Admissions Committee will determine the eligibility for the post-doctoral degree plan. Consideration will be given if the work for the prior degree involved research for new knowledge. To obtain the post-doctoral degree, a combination of course work, as well as the design and completion of a new research study are required. Minimal requirements of the post-doctoral degree plan consist of a total of 30 credit hours.

HUGS utilizes distance learning which is accomplished by working with instructors using email, conference calls and webinars.  There are a few courses that require attendance at a 1 to 3-day residency.  Residency locations and dates are posted on the HU Official Calendar.

**** In compliance with United States federal law and to ensure the integrity and safety of all participants, research involving more than a single case study subject must comply with all ethical guidelines. Researchers are required to complete Human Study Ethics Research Training with the CITI Program from the University of Miami. Additionally, all research protocols must have approval from a recognized Human Study Ethics Review Board (IRB) prior to working with subjects.



HUGS offers a post-doctoral fellowship certificate in Holistic Health and Spirituality that is open to anyone with a doctorate from HUGS or another acceptable university. It is intended to serve as an opportunity for graduates to engage in an area of interest and to deepen their knowledge and expertise in a specific field. The total credit hours for this fellowship certificate is 15.

Required courses that were completed during the HUGS ThD course work many not be repeated. Electives will be chosen in consultation with the HUGS Academic Review and Admissions Committee. Upon completion of the post-doctorate requirements, the student will receive a Fellowship Certificate from HUGS.

Education Paths


30 total hours
17 hours of Electives
13 hours of Research and Thesis


15 total hours
15 hours of Electives

Different options are available, so please schedule a call with one of our Education Advisers.