Masters and Doctoral Thesis, Essays, and Dissertation Research Completed by Students

The research done by HUGS' students is both innovative and profound.  Students truly follow their passion in designing a research project for the Masters and Doctorate degree.  The research of HUGS’ graduates are published here for your convenience.  You may download each one as a PDF file.

Reeves-Oppenheim, R ThD: The Effects of Bio-Intrinsic Transformational Therapy™ on Depression and Anxiety in Adolescents.

Augustine, S ThD: An Integral Process to Heal Trauma, Reduce State and Trait Anxiety, and Restore Qualities Associated with Self-Actualization.
Gunderson, S ThD: To determine if Labyrinth Practice Produces a Positive State of Mind
Jett, G ThD: Effects of Specific Eden Energy Medicine Techniques on Pain Perception and the Human Biofield: A Comparative Study.

Carver, O ThD: Toward the Development of a Theory of the Phases and Elements inherent in the Creation Process.
Ulm,M ThD: Prayer in the 21st Century: Unity Praying for Unity, A Research Study to Examine the Effects of Prayer.

Hastings, K ThD: Communitas, Civitas, Humanitas: The Art of Creating Authentic Sense of Community and Spirit of Place.
Maddox, M ThD: Near-Death Experience and Its Integrative Imprint.

Bonario, R ThD: Developing Emotional Resiliency: The Effect of the 21-day Q Process™ Intervention on Levels of Self-Compassion and Anxiety in Adults.
Hunter, K ThD: Transpersonal dimensions of Organizational dynamics and the Organizational Change Process.

Gaither, J ThD: The Therapeutic Psychosomatic Effects of the Philosophy of the Historical Jesus of Nazareth.
Gibson, R ThD: An Analysis of the Effects of Somatic Archaeololgy Sessions: A Retrospective Study.
Mohr, M ThD: Comparing The Effects of Intentionally Induced and Focused, Human Emotional Energy Fields, Valued and Devalued, On Living Organisms.
Moon, R ThD: Masters Essays on the Healing Continuum.

Anthes, D ThD: Assessment of Changes in Brainwave Patterns and Physiological Markers of Subjects Receiving Healing Touch A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Greiner, S ThD: The Efficacy of Abdominal Self-Massage in the Treatment of Adult Constipation: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Moldenhauer, M ThM: The Effects of Emotive Writing on Anxiety and Spiritual Well-being.
Ruprecht, M ThD: The Therapeutic Effect of Symbolic Intuitive Sessions on Anxiety and Charactaristics of Wellness.

Bauer, R ThM: Masters Essays: Event-Enfolded Time.
Brune, S ThM: Masters Essays - Spiritual Healing.
Burris, F ThD: Drawing the Unconscious: A Study to Examine the Effects of a Metaphoric Life Portrait to Reduce Anxiety and Enhance Well-Being.
Curtis, K ThD: Spirit Communications: Experiments with Mediums.
Gilleshammer, G ThM: Four Essays on the Natural Science of Oral Teachings.
Goldberg, D ThD: The Effects of Healing Touch on Anxiety in Women Undergoing a Breast Biopsy.
Kincaid, K ThD: The Effects of a Body-Focused Healing Modality on Levels of Self-Actualization and Orgasm Consistency.
Matondi, L ThD: The Up-Lifting Effects of Poetry.

Abhayaratna, S ThD: The Effects of the Creative Holistic Integration Process on Physiological Coherence and Wellbeing in Trauma-Exposed Sri Lankan Youth.
Atkins, D ThD: The Effects of Self-Massage on Osteoarthritis of the Knee.
Barsotti, T ThM: How the Reticular Activating System (RAS), Vagus Nerve and the Alta Major Chakra May Be the Nexus of Bodymind/Spirit Consciousness.
Hagen,V ThD: The Effects of Directed Acupressure Point Holding Combined with Mental Imagery on Female College Swimmers™ Timed 50 Meter Speeds.
Mount, T Post Doctorate: Why internal and external Ki energy is vital to our existence And How Can We Increase and Use it; Exploring Energetic Survival.
Simmons, J ThD: The Biologic Effects of Heart-Generated Coherence and Focused Intention on Distilled Water Using Plant Growth as a Measure.
Skalitsky, E ThD: The Effects of “the Drone” and Inviting Angel Intervention on Seed Germination.
Tsubono, K ThD: The Effects of Distant Healing Performed by a Spiritual Healer on Type 2 Diabetes: a Randomized Controlled Trial.

Gibson, R ThM: Masters Essays: Somatic Archaeology and the Consequences of Remembering.
Giminez, K ThM: Masters Essays: Grace Unfolding: A Journey Through a Women's Circle.
Hoover, P ThD: The Effects of the Inner Counselor Process for Adolescents and its Conceptual Materials on the Well-being of Youth in Unity Churches.
Lallier, D ThD: Correlations Between Wellbeing and the Location Scores of the Core Star: A Conceptualization of Spiritual Integration.
Masters, B ThD, B: A Study of Self-Actualization of Gifted Children in Public High School Programs.

Alvarez, R ThD: Effects of the Orgone Accumulator Blanket on Free Radicals and Dehydroepiandosterone (DHEA) Levels.
Cosmos, E ThD: The Effects of Ama Deus Healing on Anxiety and Depression in Women with Stage III and IV Ovarian Cancer.
Davis, S ThM: The Effects of the Inner Counselor Process (ICP) and Positive Affirmations on Anxiety in a Population Supporting the Military Community of Fort Carson, Colorado.
DuCharme, L ThD: The Effects of Intentional Thought in Close Proximity or at a Distance on Seed Germination.
Hunter, K ThM: Transformation and The Inner Counselor Process.
Pratt, D ThD: The Effects of Vibroacoustic Therapy (VT) and Music on Anxiety in Patients Undergoing Breast Biopsy.
Steele, L ThD: The Effects of Vibrational Frequencies of Sound and Positive Emotional States on Energetic and Psychophysiological Balance.
Yarboro, K ThD: The Eye of the Beholder: The Relationship between Self-Awareness and Nearsightedness.

Bloemer, N ThD: Assessing the Impact of a Yoga-Based Program of Body Awareness and Intentional Relaxation on Affect and Perceived Stress in Adolescent Girls.
Butterfield, D ThD: The Effects of Intuitive Development on Women’s Health and Spiritual Well-being.
Calloway, N ThD: A Comparative Study of the Effects of Photostimulation and Autogenic Training in Reducing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.
Gambill-Sucherman, L ThD: The Proclivital Roots of Breast Cancer.
Loeffler, N ThD: The Effects of a Conditioned Space Called the ‘Scalar Room” on the Experience of Meditation.
Osborne, A ThD: The Effects of the Inner Counselor Process ™ on Anxiety and Depressions in Seniors.
Rossi, D ThD: The Relationship Between Mystical Experience and Spiritual Well-Being in Women Who have or Have Had Cancer.
Simmons, G ThD: Creating Thriving, Coherent, and Integral New Thought Churches Using an Integral Approach and Second Tier Practices.

Akin, T ThD: The Effects of Inratonic Therapy on Levels of Stress in Adults.
Bair, C ThD: The Heart Field Effect: Synchronization of Healer-Subject Heart Rates in Energy Therapy.
Cowan, M ThD: The Effects Of Crystal Bowl Toning on the Chakras as Measured by Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) and the Profile of Mood States Scale.
Spence, C ThD: The Hepatic Personality: Integrating the Mores of Western and Eastern Medicine, and Psychoneuroimmunology.

Borgmeyer, V ThD: The Effects on Osteoporosis of Sheli -Tens Electrical Stimulation of the Ring of Earth Points.
Bradshaw, C ThD: The Influence of Religious-Spiritual Orientation on Health of Roman Catholic and Unity Church Members.
Church, D ThD: Quantum Medicine: The Radical Power of Love, Energy, and Soul to Heal Body and Planet.
Dunn, G ThD: Astrology’s Relevance as a Modern Day Spiritual Counseling Tool.
Garrison, N ThD: The Effect of Reiki on the Level of Free Radicals in the Human Body.
Hake, S ThD: The Effect of HeartMath Techniques on Emotional Intelligence.
Helms, J ThD: Walking on Two Legs: The Art and Value of Medical Acupuncture.
Reed, C ThD: The Effect of Intention On Decreasing Anxiety and Depression Utilizing Intention Imprinted Devices.

Boxwell, A ThD: The Efficacy of Guided-Imagery Visualization and Journaling in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
Cremasco, K ThD: Body Harmonization© Using Body Wisdom to Evaluate and Address Anxiety and Depression.
Hangen, G ThD: The Correlation Between Personal Mystical Experiences and Positive Levels of Self-Esteem in an Agricultural Population Over the Age of 60.
Hutchins, L ThD: The Effect of Archetype Education and Analysis on Depression.
Nutter, V ThD: The Effect of Reiki on the Autonomic Nervous System as Measured by Entrainment Ratios of Heart Rate Variability.
Russell, S ThD: Free Radical Reduction Using Electro Stimulation of Acupuncture Needles on the Shealy Ring of Crystal.
Steiger, M ThD: The Effects of Getting Unstressed (GUS), a Wholistic, Multi-Modal Programme, on Adolescent’s Well-Being.

Allen, L ThD: The Effects of Toning and Quartz Crystal Bowls on the Energetic Balance of the Body.
Bowler, G ThD: Hanna Kroeger’s Hands-on-Healing Procedures, Products, and Theories - an approach to Anxiety, Depression, and Total Symptoms.
Cochran, E ThD: The Effects of a Specifically Designed Workbook on Burden of Care, Problem Solving, and Depression in Alzheimer’s or Dementia Caregivers.
Haydon, B ThD: Human Energy Fields Before and After Stimulation of the Shealy Rings of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, and Crystal.
Kahn, I ThD: The Raphaelite Work: A Project in lieu of Dissertation.
Marconi, L ThD: Psycho-spiritual Effects of the Inner Counselor Process ™ Seminar on Adults.
Parkin, M ThD: Depression: The Effects of Vibraional Frequency Measured Through Darkfield Analysis.
Penick, J ThD: The Effect of Photo-Stimulation on the Autonomic Nervous System as Measured by Ratios of Heart Rate Variability.
Stanfield, S ThD: The Effects a Transformational “Science of Mind” Educational Program has on Overall Health and Well-Being.

Agnes, M ThD: An Integral Energy Medicine Model for Understanding the Vascular Autonomic Signal.
Bailey, J ThD: Correlations Between Checklists of Health Issues and Illness, Ayurvedic Constitutional Analysis, Blood Type, and Intuitive Assessment.
Bishop, M ThM: The Relationship Between Spirit and Matter: Can Shamanism Help Us Heal?
Egli, S ThD: The Equivalence in Hara Assessments Using the Brennan Healing Science Model.
Selby, J ThD: Integrative Health Practices in the Aging: DHEA; Exercise; Grace Therapy; and Self-Actualization.

Eli, K, MS: Comparison of the Quantitative Electroencephalograms of a Healer and Patient During Spiritual Healing.
Bertini, M ThD: The Effects of Guided Imagery and Music on Anxiety.
Clench, M ThD: Psycho-Physiological Effects of Vestibular and Audio Stimulation: The Trinity Table.
Davis-Grant, MJ ThD: The Power of Image: The Gift of Grace.
Eichler, D ThD: Examination of a Subtle Energy Transduction Device on Anxiety Levels of Students in a Public School Setting: The Clarus QLink Clearwave.