ThM, ThD and combined Master’s and Doctorate

What is Holistic Health & Spiritual-Intuitive Consulting

Welcome to the Holistic Health and Spiritual-Intuitive Consulting (HHSIC) program.  This program prepares the student to liaison with an existing practice.  The student learns diverse approaches to spiritual healing and holistic/integrative health care with the intent to connect their work with other like-minded healthcare professionals.  Students gain valuable knowledge, skills and personal insights from courses designed to assist them in assimilating the inter-relationship between the mind, body and spirit within their course work into a professional practice.

The HHSIC program prepares the student to provide appropriate holistic health care, intuitive assessments, proper referrals and other consulting duties as needed. As a consultant, the HHSIC candidate will learn to create and design appropriate holistic and integrative health programs by gaining valuable and pertinent insights into their client(s) spiritual healing journey.  Once the journey is ascertained, the student as a consultant is taught to share this information to enable a community member, their client, or a health care provider to make informed decisions about the presenting life path.

This program focuses on developing personal skills in the subtle art of intuition and prepares the student to offer consultations and educate others in Holistic Health and Intuitive practices.  This program utilizes an intuitive scholarly approach to blending the fields of: science, history, theology, mysticism, psychology, personal intuition, energetic practices, holistic health care, spiritual healing and public/community health planning.  Complimentary in design, the HHSIC Program focuses on the development of knowledge and skills centered on personal intuition, intuitive consulting skills, holistic health care, assessing the human energy field, life experience or situation and application of spiritual and energetic practices appropriate for the presenting healing journey.

Holos utilizes distance learning which is accomplished by working with instructors using email, conference calls and webinars.  There are a few courses that require attendance at a 1 to 3-day residency.  Residency locations and dates are posted on the HU Official Calendar.

Department Goals

  1. To provide students with a dynamic, forward thinking academic experience necessary to become successful and effective counselors and spiritual-intuitive consultants.
  2. To offer guidance and direction to students in their academic pursuits, career planning and professional aspirations.
  3. To maintain a high standard of academic integrity within the department in relation to course requirements, course syllabi and teaching in order to provide students with an exceptional and innovative educational experience.
  4. To cultivate and maintain positive, respectful and open relationships between students, professors, administration and staff while providing generous availability to meet student needs during their academic experience at Holos University Graduate Seminary.
  5. To support the mission and academic intent of Holos University Graduate Seminary.

Some of the Courses that are Part of Holistic Health & Spiritual-Intuitive Consulting

703 Orientation and Preparation

715 Ethics:  Theory and Practice
718 Literature Review

727 History of Science
731 Inner Counselor-Pathways to Awareness

737 Quantitative Research Methods

738 Models of Pastoral Counseling

742 Holistic Healthcare Approaches

752 Mysticism-Ancient to New Thought

754 Western Anatomy

764 Introduction to Intuition

765 Intuitive Pathways

767 Statistical Methods in Research

768 Pastoral Assessment and Intervention

859 The Intuitive Career

Education Paths


34 total hours
18 hours of Core Classes
9 hours of Electives
7 hours of Thesis


65 total hours (includes Master's Degree)
42 hours of Core Classes
10 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation


80 total hours (includes Master's Degree)
39 hours of Core Classes
28 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation

Different options are available, so please schedule a call with one of our Education Advisers.