Where Rigorous Scientific Study ​Meets Deep Spiritual and Subtle Energy Exploration



Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Spirituality and Holistic Health

Welcome to Holos University Graduate Seminary!  We prepare students to integrate Universal Principles of Spirituality and Holistic Health through self-development, scholarly exploration and research, and compassionate service. Holos University is built upon the mission of educating scholars from around the world, on subjects related to subtle energies and energy medicine through interactive distance learning. For over fifteen years our students have generated innovative holistic research to expand the knowledge base of the comprehensive benefits of spiritually oriented holistic health.

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Universal Principles of Energy Medicine, Spirituality, and Holistic Health

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Holos University Graduate Seminary prepares students to integrate Universal Principles of Energy Medicine, Spirituality, and Holistic Health through self-development, scholarly exploration and research, and compassionate service.

​The mystical traditions of virtually all religions contain substantial references that address the subtle physical energies of the body, the transpersonal aspects of the mind, and the expressive activity of the spirit. These traditions exist at the very core of holistic mysticism, spiritual direction, counseling intuition, and integrative healthcare. Holos University Graduate Seminary (HU) emphasizes ecumenical spiritual approaches that fulfill a growing need for an inclusive, holistic, and creative approach to life in contemporary communities.

As a Seminary, HU focuses upon the spiritual aspects of its studies and research. As a University, HU strives to uphold the highest academic standards in teaching and research, and seeks to serve as a bridge between academic, scientific, and religious institutions. The educational design of the HU program, centered on these basic tenets, inevitably leads to a new, broader, and more expansive understanding of subtle energies, consciousness and human transformation. ​


Message from the President:​

Find your interests & follow your heart

Welcome to Holos! My name is Rev/Dr. Michael Ulm, President of the University Graduate Seminary.  I am so glad you stopped in for a visit. Holos is an advanced education opportunity that stands out from most other graduate schools. Here at Holos, we integrate hard science and academic endeavor with high vibrational spirituality, which gives us a completely different approach to higher education.

Attainment of a higher education degree is a dream and we want to hear yours.  Your dream is the driving force and your passion is the fuel to grow and expand your consciousness allowing you to complete a course of study with us.  Based upon your dream, we can tailor a plan to accomplish what you desire for your dream career or the expansion of the contribution(s) you are making to the world. Let us help you bring your vision and dreams into manifestation.

As a Seminary, Holos focuses on the spiritual aspects of its graduate curriculum and sponsors research opportunities from a spiritual perspective. Every class is designed to lead the student to a new, broader, and more expansive holistic understanding of consciousness, the healing path and human transformation. In the past year, they have been reevaluated and were upgraded to appeal to 21st century students.

As a University, Holos strives to uphold the highest academic standards through its challenging curriculum and sponsored research.  This creates a platform for building bridges between academic, scientific and spiritual perspectives.

Do you feel stagnated?  Have you been looking for recognition for your practice and the extensive spiritual growth you have attained?  Do you feel this recognition is absent from the public, your family, scientists, and/or other health care providers?  Our graduates have become leaders in the Holistic Health and Spirituality communities worldwide.  Holos could be the vehicle that allows you to find elevated respect levels that an advanced degree bequeaths you and that you rightfully deserve - the magic little letters behind your name.

Through the years we have found that the students, who are drawn to Holos, bring with them an impressive wide-ranging set of skills and life experiences. We acknowledge that our prospective students have previous significant life and educational experiences from various sources (training, medical training, CEUs, and other certifications). It is our job to identify these skills and life experiences, enhance them and create a plan of growth appropriate to the degree for which the student aspires. As the front page of our catalog says, “Healing Your World Begins with Yourself.” Our curriculum sponsors investigation and growth opportunities in every educational offering/track.  These Holos opportunities provide flexibility when creating a course of study that fits the student’s passion, interests, life goals and heart’s desire while meeting rigorous academic standards through writing and/or research.

What future will you grow?  Our educational programs provide the possibility for our students to become: a Chaplain, in a healthcare facility; a state licensed Pastoral Counselor; a Spiritual and Energetic Practitioner (applying Complementary and Alternative Medical practices); a Holistic Health and Spiritual Intuitive Consultant, who can provide appropriate care, intuitive assessments and proper referrals; or the prefect platform for personal emotional, mental, spiritual and physical growth.  All of these opportunities are presented in Holos’ nurturing environment.

The Holos class size is capped at a maximum of ten students.  This class size results in a very low student/teacher ratio, which provides each student the opportunity for personal attention that might not be found at other institutions.  This smaller class size comes with a slightly higher per credit hour tuition cost ($700.00/hour).  Holos tuition cost, as compared to other universities/seminaries, rates at the 55 to 60 percentile in terms of cost per hour.  Our current students feel that the cost is worth the personal attention.

If this information sounds like the graduate opportunity that fits your passion, interest, vocational interest, or provides a vehicle for advancing your career by attaining graduate level holistic health and intuitive skills, then Holos is for you.  Let me again thank you for your interest in our higher education institution.  Come Home to Yourself and join us here at Holos University Graduate Seminary.

 - Rev/Dr. Michael Ulm, President of the University Graduate Seminary

As a Student You Have the Opportunity to..

  • STUDY the broad field of spirituality and holistic health;


  • EXPRESS the highest holistic and ecumenical spiritual principles in their personal and professional lives;


  • INTEGRATE mystical and subtle energy approaches to self-development, spirituality, and health with contemporary scientific approaches;


  • PRODUCE significant scholarly research, contributing to the evolution of consciousness, and Universal well-being; and


  • BE ORDAINED as holistic spiritual advisors who honor the personal religious and cultural traditions of others.