ThM, ThD and combined Master’s and Doctorate

What is Pastoral Integrative Healthcare

Welcome to Pastoral Integrative Healthcare (PIH) where heart focused spiritual wisdom, compassion, joy and grace are united with health care. The PIH program prepares the student for chaplain duties which support people traveling the healing journeys in various facets of the healthcare system such as clinic, assisted living, hospice and hospital settings.

As a student in the PIH track, you will learn the language of health care, the environments where health care takes place and how to integrate your support to individuals and their families from the discovery of the challenge to the movement toward health and healing.  Focus is placed on supporting people who are navigating the healing journeys in and out of the health care setting.

As a chaplain candidate, the student makes a covenant to be of service to others.  To support this covenant, as a seminary, Holos teaches the PIH candidate to connect with their concept of the Divine and involve this spiritual connection in their work.  Further an understanding of how to apply this connection into an individual’s healing journey is stressed through repetition.

Holos utilizes distance learning accomplished by working with instructors using email, conference calls and webinars.  There are a few courses that require attendance at a 1 to 5-day residency.  Residency locations and dates are posted on the HU Official Calendar or are arranged at a local health care facility.

Department Goals

  1. To develop a good working knowledge of medical terminology so that the pastor may understand and appreciate the experience of the individual whom they are supporting.
  2. To develop skills and techniques which support the spiritual connection of someone in a healing journey.
  3. To develop facilitation skills so that families may be supported through compassionate dialogue and meditative techniques when members are in the current system of health care.
  4. To evolve the understanding, empathy, wisdom and boundaries of the pastor so that they may appropriately define the spiritual healing space that is appropriate for a parishioner and their families.
  5. To provide spiritual insight and wisdom in support of the community.

Some of the Courses that are Part of Pastoral Integrative Healthcare

703 Orientation and Preparation
715 Ethics: Theory and Practice
718 Literature Review
727 History of Science
731 Inner Counselor-Pathways to Awareness
736 Theology of the Developing Person
737 Quantitative Research Methods
738 Models of Pastoral Counseling
742 Holistic Healthcare Approaches
747 Pastoral Counseling in an Intercultural Context
751 Holistic Approaches to Trauma
752 Mysticism-Ancient to New Thought
754 Western Anatomy
755 Holistic Theology and World Religion
767 Statistical Methods in Research
768 Pastoral Assessment and Intervention
803 Overview of Integrative Healthcare (2)

804 Seminar in Public Health and Mandated Reporting (1)
805 Eastern Anatomy
806 Listening and Presence
812 Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit
832 Holistic Health Consulting
834 Intro. to Public Health
845 Subtle Energy, Energy Medicine
849 Heart Meditation (Beyond Mindfulness)
851 Medical Terminology
860 Intro to Herbal Supplements (1)
861 Biology of Belief
862 Intro. To Homeopathy
866 The Brain and Mental Health Care
887 Sacred Ceremonies and Celebrations
891 Special Topics in Theology II
894 Special Topics in Spirituality II

Education Paths


34 hours
18 hours of core classes
9 hours of Electives
7 hours of Thesis


65 hours
42 hours of core classes
10 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation


80 hours
45 hours of core classes
22 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation

Different options are available, so please schedule a call with one of our Education Advisers.