What is Pastoral Counseling

The Pastoral Counseling program provides the basic required courses for those seeking to pursue licensing as a pastoral counselor through its 66-credit hour, three-year course of study.

Welcome to Pastoral Counseling (PC), the study of well-grounded spiritually guided counseling techniques that support the health, welfare and healing of the person(s) seeking support.  This program prepares students to offer consultations and education related to counseling practices, esoteric theological concepts and historical foundations.  The PC program is a journey of discovery for oneself, one’s connection to the Divine and one’s connection to the world. It is a journey of service, compassion and most of all, listening.   Each PC candidate is trained to listen to their client(s), the information not being said, Divine wisdom, and the needs expressed from others seeking the grace that is available in each moment.

This program meets most state’s requirements for licensure at the master’s level. It also requires extensive practical supervised classes and 200 hours of Internship divided into two, off-site, 100 clinical supervised hours.  Please note that some states will require more practicum or clinical supervised hours (300-3000) to become a counselor.  Students should confirm that this program meets the requirements of their individual state or their intended state of practice before entering this course of study.

We invite you to walk this process with us.  During this process, Holos challenges each PC student to make a covenant to discover themself anew, find their missing links, upgrade their connection with the Divine so that they can contribute to the health and healing of the world around them and their clients.

Holos utilizes distance learning which is accomplished by working with instructors using email, conference calls and webinars.  There are a few courses that require attendance at a 1 to 3-day residency.  Residency locations and dates are posted on the HU Official Calendar. Offsite practicum and clinical supervised hour residencies are arranged by the Pastoral Counseling candidate and approved by Holos.

Department Goals

  1. To learn more about each persons connection to the divine.
  2. To support the health and healing of members of our community with appropriate, grounded, spiritually focused compassionate dialogue.
  3. To learn how to listen and to then listen with wisdom and compassion.
  4. To learn how to be present to another’s life challenges and hold them in grace.
  5. To learn supportive techniques for dialogue, which enable individuals to make good choices for their lives.

Some of the Courses that are Part of Pastoral Counseling

703 Orientation and Preparation

715 Ethics:  Theory and Practice
718 Literature Review

731 Inner Counselor-Pathways to Awareness

732 Approaches to Group Counseling

734 Family Therapy and Personal Transformation

736 Theology of the Developing Person

738 Models of Pastoral Counseling

740 Addictions and Modes of Therapy

742 Holistic Healthcare Approaches

744 Pastoral Practicum I

745 Pastoral Practicum II

747 Pastoral Counseling in an Intercultural Context

755 Holistic Theology and World Religion

758 Internship Supervision I

759 Internship Supervision II

768 Pastoral Assessment and Intervention

835 Dancing with Your Dragons
849 Heart Meditation (Beyond Mindfulness)

868 Career Counseling by the Pastor

Master's in Pastoral Counseling

66 credit hours - 3-Year Track - ThM
First Year
703-Orientation and Planning
715-Ethics – History and Practice
755-Holistic Theology and World Religions
734-Family Therapy and Personal   Transformation 3
736-Theology of the Developing Person 3
738-Models of Pastoral Counseling 3
740 - Addictions and Modes of Therapy 3
Second Year
731-Inner Counselor
744-Pastoral Practicum I
732-Approaches to Group Counseling
742-Holistic Healthcare Approaches
745-Pastoral Practicum II
757-Holistic Theology and Relationship Skills
836-Testing, Measurement, and Assessment
747-Pastoral Counseling in an Intercultural Context

Third Year

758-Internship Supervision I
768-Pastoral Assessment and

759-Internship Supervision II
849-Human Development, Emotion, and Intuition

868-Career Counseling by the Pastor

835-Dancing with your Dragons: Psychopathology

Education Paths


66 Total Hours
All classes are Core Classes
0 hours of Electives
6 hours of Pastoral Practicum
6 hours of Supervised Internship

Different options are available, so please schedule a call with one of our Education Advisers.