HUGS offers an option in which students holding a Bachelor's degree from an acceptable institution may apply for the combined Masters/Doctoral Degree Plan. This Degree Plan includes completing all core requirements for the Doctoral degree plan plus various elective hours for a total of 75 credit hours.

HUGS acknowledges that entering students bring vast life experiences and skill sets. Students may receive a maximum of 24 graduate credit hours for equivalency and/or honoring of additional courses completed at other colleges and universities. Students must complete a portfolio to be submitted to the Academic Review and Admissions Committee for approval of equivalency credit as well as approval for honoring the additional courses completed at other colleges and universities.

Holos utilizes distance learning accomplished by working with instructors using email and attending video conference classes.  There may be a few courses that require attendance at a 1 to 5-day residency.  Residency locations and dates are posted on the HUGS Official Calendar.

All courses carry one to three (3) hours of credit, except 996 Dissertation Preliminaries. This course is a four (4) credit hour course.

Students who begin the Combined Degree plan may subsequently decide to switch to a Master's degree plan in coursework (Option 3).

Once the Master courses, 780/781 Research and Thesis I & II or the 790/791 Master's Essay and Exam I & II, are completed should the student wish to continue on with a combination degree plan, then these courses are not transferrable.

Masters/Doctoral Combination Courses


703 Orientation and Preparation (2)

704 Spiritual Energetic Healing Overview (1)

715 Ethics: Theory and Practice (3)
718 Literature Review (3)

727 History of Science: A Spiritual Overview (3)

755 Holistic Theology & World Religions (3)

742 Holistic Healthcare Approaches (3)

752 Mysticism-Ancient to New Thought (3)

838 Models of Pastoral Counseling (3)

754 Western Anatomy (3)

737 Research Methods (3)

767 Statistical Methods in Research (3)


980 Dissertation-Lit Rev Critical Analysis Preliminaries (3)

981 Dissertation-Lit Rev Critical Analysis Writing (3)

982 Dissertation-Lit Rev Critical Analysis Presentation
& Oral Defense (3)


996 Dissertation Preliminaries (4)

997 Dissertation-Research (3)

998 Dissertation-Writing (3)

999 Dissertation-Presentation & Oral Defense (3)

731 Inner Counselor-Pathways to Awareness (3)
751 Holistic Approaches to Trauma (3)
810 Spiritual Contracts (3)
832 Holistic Health Consulting (3)
835 Dancing with your Dragons: Psychopathology (3)
838 Personal Intuition (3)
845 Subtle Energy, Energy Medicine (3)
849 Heart Meditation (Beyond Mindfulness) (3)
856 A Soul Approach to Illness and Healing (3)
858 Intuition and Dreams (3)
859 The Intuitive Career (3)
860 Introduction to Herbal Supplements (3)
852 Introduction to Homeopathy (3)
884 Principles of Spiritual Direction (3)
885 Principles of Hands on Healing (3)
887 Sacred Ceremonies and Celebrations (3)

Education Paths


75 Credit Hours
33 hours of Core Classes
29 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation Courses

Different options are available, so please schedule a call with one of our Education Advisers.