The Open Enrollment Certificate of Completion program provides an opportunity for those individuals who many not have the necessary academic prerequisites to enter a graduate program to study with the HUGS faculty. It also provides academic and experiential opportunities to expand and grow.

The Open Enrollment Certificate of Completion program allows admittance into academic studies for those individuals who may not yet be ready to commit fully to a degree plan.

A Certificate of Completion is earned with the successful completion of nine (9) credit hours in a specific area of interest through Holos University Graduate Seminary. Equivalency credit is not applicable towards a Certificate of Completion program. After successfully completing nine (9) credit hours, Certificate of Completion level students may request a Certificate of Completion from the Office of the Registrar. There is a small processing and mailing fee for each certificate.

As these courses are graduate level courses, they are eligible to be transferred into a degree plan for those who apply and are approved by the Academic Review and Admissions Committee. Those students who meet the requirements to be admitted to a graduate degree plan may transfer courses completed in the Certificate Program directly into the Masters, Doctoral, or Combined Masters/Doctoral degree plan at HUGS. Students are required to contact the Registrar to initiate a review for this change.

Students transferring certificate credit to a degree plan are bound by the specific degree requirements described in the Official Catalog governing the semester in which they are admitted to the degree plan.

Course delivery and requirements are identical to those in the degree plans. However, credits earned do not apply toward a degree unless the student subsequently applies, has the necessary prerequisites, and is accepted officially into the degree plan by HUGS Academic Review and Admissions Committee.



A "special emphasis" applies to a diploma for a student who has graduated from HUGS in a graduate degree plan by meeting all the necessary graduation requirements.

A "special emphasis" is earned with the completion of nine (9) credit hours in a specific area of interest.

Equivalency credit may be accepted and applied towards a special emphasis. An equivalency credit portfolio is to be submitted to the Academic Review and Admissions Committee for approval of credit hours within the students first 12 months of attendance at HUGS.



Focuses on personal skills in the subtle art of intuition. Prepares students to offer consultations and education in holistic intuitive healing.

810-Spiritual Contracts
838-Personal Intuition
856-A Soul Approach to Illness and Healing


Studies focus on ancient spiritual wisdom as well as historical and contemporary psychology. Presents an understanding of transformational concepts and subtle energy methodologies contained within a wide variety of spiritual and psychological approaches. Prepares students to offer consultations and education as facilitators of transformational, spiritual self-integration.

731-Inner Counselor
835-Dancing with Your Dragons: Psychopathology
880-Intentional Transformation: Body, Mind, Spirit Approach


Supports the category definitions of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), as set forth by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM). To support the development of integrative health systems and prepare students to offer consultation and education in Integrative Healthcare.

742-Holistic Healthcare Approaches
845 Subtle Energies, Energy Medicine Practicum
876-Integrative Healthcare Systems


The student experiences a wide range of energetic tools, modalities and techniques to create or expand their skills. Designed to enhance credibility within the medical and/or scientific community as well as with their peers and the public.

731-Inner Counselor
854-Introduction to Flower Essences
862-Introduction to Homeopathy

Different options on course selections or substitutions are available.

There are three levels of certificates available.

Please schedule a call with one of our Education Advisers.