ThM, ThD and combined Master’s and Doctorate

What is Integrated Spiritual Studies (ISS)

Welcome to the Integrated Spiritual Studies (ISS) program, Holos’ most flexible program.  This course of study prepares the students to excel in the broadest spectrum of holistic entrepreneurial endeavors.  The ISS’s program offerings provide the student the ability to combine courses from the all Holos’ curriculum providing a wide spectrum of opportunities for exploration by the student.  Find Your Interests and Follow Your Heart is the mantra for this program, for it is a Holos journey.  This journey can light the passion for knowledge exposing the student to multiple areas of interest.  With the goal of creating an individualized academic education program that fits their life goals and hearts’ desires, the ISS candidate can expand their interests and further developing skill sets acquired previously while meeting rigorous standards of academic writing and/or research.

The student, their advisor and the Holos Academic Review Committee will set their course of study within the first two semesters at Holos.  Due to expected student growth, the course of study will be reviewed and can be adjusted.  This review enables the student and their advisor to modify the existing plan or add new combinations of course work as often as very twelve months.  Both the student and their advisor are responsible for ensuring that the student has employable skills upon graduation.

Holos utilizes distance learning which is accomplished by working with instructors using email, conference calls and webinars.  There are a few courses that require attendance at a 1 to 3-day residency.  Residency locations and dates are posted on the HU Official Calendar.

Department Goals

  1. To provide an environment that supports learning, discovery and integration of new knowledge.
  2. To provide opportunities to discover new connections within our inner world and within our outer world.
  3. To discover new pathways to find answers for life’s fundamental questions of Who am I?  Where did I come from? Why am I here?
  4. To evolve the spirit and the soul through intelligent discourse, spiritual discovery and practical study.
  5. To provide incentive to discover the world around us in a new way.

Some of the Courses that are Part of Integrated Spiritual Studies (ISS)

703 Orientation and Preparation
715 Ethics: Theory and Practice
718 Literature Review
727 History of Science
731 Inner Counselor-Pathways to Awareness
737 Quantitative Research Methods
742 Holistic Healthcare Approaches
752 Mysticism-Ancient to New Thought

754 Western Anatomy
755 Holistic Theology and World Religion
767 Statistical Methods in Research
803 Overview of Integrative Healthcare (types of support) (2)
812 Integrating Mind, Body and Spirit
849 Heart Meditation (Beyond Mindfulness)
852 Seminar: Caring for the Caregiver (1)
834 Introduction to Public Health

Education Paths


15 total hours
3 hours of Core Classes
12 hours of Electives


34 total hours
15 hours of Core Classes
12 hours of Electives
7 hours of Thesis


80 total hours
27 hours of Core Classes
40 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation


65 total hours
24 hours of Core Classes
28 hours of Electives
13 hours of Dissertation


30 total hours

Different options are available, so please schedule a call with one of our Education Advisers.